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Standards and expectations for people with disabilities have changed. In the early part of the 20th Century, many believed that people with disabilities were best protected and educated in large institutions. At this time, people with disabilities had little say in their own destinies.

Arkay promotes the view that people with disabilities should not be segregated; are entitled to equal opportunity; and are usually able to hold employment and otherwise participate in community living. People with developmental disabilities, their families, and other advocates have worked to enlarge the opportunities and choices available to them by changing our society’s beliefs and values. They have insisted, for instance, that they are “people with developmental disabilities”- that is, that they are people first, and that they should be defined by whom they are as individuals rather than by the fact that they have disabilities. Everyone should be able to choose how he or she will live, be accepted by others as an individual, and be included in the activities of his or her community.

Our individualized services ranging from vocational evaluations and basic skill development activities to real work opportunities with community employers as well as our dedicated direct care staff strive to provide employment and skill building opportunities to our consumers that create success stories!