Safe & Secure

Arkay’s mission is to assist people with developmental disabilities to achieve community inclusion that enhances potential, employment opportunities, and / or volunteerism. This truly is our mission. Our outcome is that the people we serve are in a safe & secure environment. However, In the world we live in there are people that our selfless and go far above the call of duty. But on the “other side of the coin”, there are people who are self-centered and could take advantage of others including our consumers. This could happen to any person. Like all people, some of the individuals that we serve can be very vulnerable to forms of manipulation.

Arkay has zero tolerance of anyone taking advantage of our consumers. Some financial abuse usually comes in the form of asking for money. Arkay encourages parents & guardians to monitor the actions of your loved ones. Engage them regularly in conversation about who their friends are, who they are talking to and what those conversations are about.

The other concern is social media. It is good to monitor your loved ones on Facebook, etc. to ensure your son or daughter is safe & secure. Arkay discourages Facebook friendships between our employees and the people who come to our programs. We encourage you to support our policy, which states that Facebook friendships between employees and the people who come to our program are not appropriate.

Please contact your Program Director if you have any concerns about conversations, texting or postings between our employees and your son & daughter. so that we can promptly investigate.

Arkay is committed to providing the best in delivery of vocational services and keeping everyone safe!

Best Regards,